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>> up next on "Donny & Marie," Mary-Kate and Ashley's valentines plans.


Marie: All right. Okay, you guys. The last time they were here, we saw their first on-screen kiss. 

Donny: That's right. That's right.

Marie: Now let's see what they have in store for us this time. Would you please welcome back to our show Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. [Cheers and applause] how are you? How are you?

Donny: Hi, guys. How are you doing?

MK&A: Good.

Donny: Good to see you. What's this?

MK&A: They're hats with our --

Donny: Oh.

Marie: Your website.

Donny: Who went skiing?

Ashley: I did.

Donny: You went skiing in Utah. You didn't call me.

Marie: Where did you go?

Ashley: Deer valley.

Donny: Sundance. Call me next time you guys go up.

Marie: Are you excited about valentine's day?

Ashley: Yeah.

Marie: Are you excited about valentine's day?

MK: Yes, I am.

Marie: Did i hear correctly we have a boyfriend?

MK: I did. We broke up on Saturday.

Marie: Oh.

Donny: What happened? His fault, your fault? What's the problem?

MK&A: Mutual thing.

Marie: Donny, you don't ask a girl that.

Donny: Yeah, I do. Any boyfriends in the --

MK&A: no, no.

Marie: What do you look for? What are you looking for in a guy?

Ashley: Good personality.

MK: Yes. And cute, you know. Cute, too.

Donny: Exactly.

Marie: You go through me, okay?

MK&A: Okay.

Donny: How's school coming for you guys?

MK&A: Good. We just finished finals.

Marie: How did you do?

Ashley: I did pretty well.

MK: Yeah, I did well, too.

Donny: Who did better?

MK: She did. 

Donny: She did better? You scored higher?

Marie: Do you like school?

Ashley: Yeah, it's a lot of fun. We've been going to school a lot more often lately.

Marie: To public school. What they mean by that is that when you work, you are in a class by yourself with a teacher.

MK&A: Right, uh-huh.

Marie: You don't go to regular classes. Do you like the social thing? Do kids treat you normally?

MK: Definitely. 

Ashley: We're going to a new school this year, so everybody's really nice.

Donny: Where?

MK: It's a private school.

Donny: What's your favorite subjects in school?

Ashley:  Well, I guess I'm best at math. I'd have to say math. 

Donny: Is that what you scored highest on the test?

Ashley: Yes. 

Donny: What about you?

MK: I scored highest in math also, but I don't like that subject.

Donny: You don't like math at all.

MK: No.

Donny: What do you like?

MK: I don't like anything.

Donny: You don't like anything?


Marie: Now, I have to -- okay. Close your eyes. You haven't seen these yet. But Mattel let us be the first ones to show you.

MK&A: Thank you.

Marie: Your dolls. [Applause] have you seen it yet? Is that exciting?

MK&A: Very exciting. 

Ashley: The last time we saw it was a while ago when we were doing the commercial.

Donny: Did you help in the designing process?

Ashley: Yes, we did. We went through several meetings.

Marie: Remember when Mattel did our jobs?

Donny: Yes, I did. 400 years ago.

MK: You guys had dolls, too?

Marie: Did you hear what she said? You guys have dolls, too?

[Laughter and applause] okay. I feel old. That's so fun.

Donny: I was reading in your book -- and it's really a good book. It's about your lives.

MK: Yes. 

Donny: It's hard to believe at 14 you write a book about your lives.

Ashley: We're actually 13.

Donny: 13. Almost 14.

Marie: Almost 14.

Ashley: In June.

Donny: But I read something in there that's very interesting. You guys are taking kick boxing?

MK&A: Yes. 

Ashley: Tae-Bo. It's very fun.

Marie: What do you like best about it?

Ashley: I don't know. It's -- it gets your energy up a lot.

Donny: There's no punching. It's just kicking.

Ashley: It's punching and kicking.

MK: You do punching and kicking.

Donny: Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here. Show me a move. Just show me a move.

Ashley:  Well, sometimes you like bring your leg up. It's hard to do in these leather pants. You bring your leg up like this and then you go up and you kick out.

Donny: Like that.

Ashley: Yes, like this and that. Yeah.

Marie: Do you block?

Ashley: Sometimes. You keep your hands up.

Donny: You keep your hands up.

Ashley: And you can punch like this.

Donny: I like the way you do that.

Ashley: I kind of dance around, but --

Donny: That's cool. You guys have another book out. It's really kind of fun. This last segment we did, some very expensive things. But this is a valentines book you came out with that's $10. There's so many cool things in this.

Ashley: 10 favorite way of decorating cards.

Marie: So you can make your own valentines for people. My daughters looked through this last night. They said, this is cool, mom. You can make all kinds of great things.

Donny: When we come back from commercial, I'm going to have you guys show us a couple of things from the book.

MK&A: Okay

Donny: We'll be back with more with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen right after this.



Marie: All right. Welcome back. We are here with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. You guys are going to show us some of the crafts out of your book.

Ashley: This is one of the cards.

Marie: Thinks the page it comes with. You can see it has all the instructions there. And basically you -- this is what you're making right here.

Ashley: And you can decorate it.

Donny: You guys ever get a valentine from somebody you loved?

MK&A: Not really. 

Ashley: At our school, the thing was that everybody brought in cards for everybody, so it wasn't that special.

Donny: Guys, come on. They want a valentine, okay? Mail them a valentine. Get on the website.

Marie: How many different cards can you make in this book?

MK&A: 10 cards.

Marie: How much does the book cost?

MK&A: $10.

Donny: That's great. With the other segment we had, there were so many expensive things.

Marie: It's crafty. This is cute. You're taking the ribbon that comes with it.

Ashley: Right. And you put holes in it. Then you can slide the ribbon through the holes. Then you can put glue and glitter.

Donny: Are you going to clean that mess up afterwards?

Ashley: Sure.

Marie: No, Donny. You are.

Donny: That's cute.

Marie: Thinks the finished product right here.

Ashley: Right. And this is for you.

Marie: That's mine? Oh, look how cute that is. Can you see that?


Donny: Okay. I've got a question.

Marie: That is darling.

Donny: If you could send a valentine to someone, who would it be?

Ashley: Brad Pitt.

MK: Brad Pitt.

[Cheers and applause]

Donny: Brad, expect it in the mail.

Marie: You know what? Do you like the same things in men? Do you find you're very similar that way?

MK: Yes.

Ashley: Yes.

Donny: This is cute.

Marie: You guys are going on a cruise, isn't that right?

Ashley: Yes.  We're going on one to Russia over the summer. Next summer, maybe Tahiti.

Marie: Have you been on a cruise before?

Ashley: Yes, Disney cruise and to Alaska.

Marie: What do you like about cruises?

Ashley: You go to so many different places. You don't have to stay in one area.

Marie: No luggage. You only pack once. It's true. I'm right there with you.


Donny: Also, i find it interesting you're going to Sydney, Australia. You're making a movie down there. Tell us about the movie.

Ashley: We don't know much about it, but it's supposedly like an -- not a real action, but like a fun --

Donny: Is that what you like, action films?

Ashley: It's like "Passport to Paris."

Donny: Yeah.


Marie: Very cute show. Look, I'm almost done here. This one is very cute. It says -- what does it say? Donny: What are you making over there?

Marie: I'm cutting one of these out.

Donny: Show the camera.

Marie: Roses are red, violets are blue, happy valentine's day from guess who.

Donny: That's great.

Marie: Isn't that cute? Look.

Donny: That's great.

Marie: It comes with cute little stickers so you can stick stickers on it. This is a great idea. It's fun.

Donny: Thank you very much for being here. Oh, it's for me.

MK: Yes.

Donny: They gave me a valentine. Brad Pitt, you're out. This is mine. Mary-Kate, thank you. Ashley.

MK&A: Thank you for having us.

Marie: Isn't that cute?

Donny: Have fun on the cruises.

Marie: Come back any time. We love you guys.

Donny: Check the website out at We'll be back right after this.

Marie: Check it out, check it out. 



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