Disney Chat with Mary-Kate and Ashley
December 8, 1999

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JoeBiz: Welcome to the hippest show on the Internet, "Live with JoeBiz and Gwenny G!" I'm JoeBiz.

Gwenny G: And I'm Gwenny G. Today's guests made their television debut over 10 years ago, playing Michelle Tanner on the popular TV series "Full House."

JoeBiz: Since then, they've gone on to star in and produce their own movies, they have their own line of books, and just released a Christmas album. They are practically household names.

Gwenny G: That's right, joining us on the show today are those identical twin teen sensations, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen!

JoeBiz: Not only are Mary-Kate and Ashley here to tell you about their new Wonderful World of Disney movie "Switching Goals," but they've also brought along a few prizes to give away!

Gwenny G: A few?! We've got 30 books, JoeBiz. That's a little more than a few.

JoeBiz: Hey, it's just an expression. But you're right, Gwenny G. That's a lot! I'm glad we're not the ones in charge of selecting the winners, I'd want everyone to win!

Gwenny G: Well, before we start giving away any books, let's take a look at today's fun fact first. Now, today is Wednesday, December 8. Can you believe there are only 25 more days left until the turn of the millennium?

JoeBiz: Wow, this year has just flown by! But the good news is that I think I've found my outfit for Producer Mary's millennium party. It's this incredible shade of blue, with sequins and sparkles all over it.

Gwenny G: Well, at least it will match your hair.

JoeBiz: Wait till you see it! I'm telling you, it's the perfect get-up. Have you gotten yours yet?

Gwenny G: I'm going to be wearing an elegant black dress with a tiara.

JoeBiz: A tiara? What're you gonna be, Princess 2000?

Gwenny G: The tiara might be a bit much, huh? But millennium plans aside, let's go over today's fun facts. You know, there were some pretty big milestones in sports history that took place today.

JoeBiz: Here we go with sports again.

Gwenny G: On this day in 1961, Wilt Chamberlain scored 78 points in a game, and then in 1987, Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall became the first goalie to score a goal.

JoeBiz: Huh? I don't get it. Aren't goalies supposed to score goals?

Gwenny G: Honestly, JoeBiz, if you knew as much about sports as you do about "I Love Lucy" --

JoeBiz: That is so funny that you bring that up, because my fun fact about today happens to be about "I Love Lucy."

Gwenny G: Another "I Love Lucy" fun fact? I gotta hear this.

JoeBiz: On this day back in 1952, all of America found out that Lucy was pregnant with Little Ricky.

Gwenny G: I remember that episode! It really was a big moment in television history.

JoeBiz: It was the first time we ever saw a pregnancy on TV.

Gwenny G: While we're on the subject of celebrations, let's wish a happy birthday to singer Sammy Davis, Jr., actress Kim Basinger, NFL quarterback Jeff George, and WNBA guard Teresa Weatherspoon.

JoeBiz: Also blowing out candles today are comedian Flip Wilson, actors David Carradine and Nick Nolte, and actress Teri Hatcher.

Gwenny G: Speaking of celebrities, I have a celebrity sighting to tell you about, JoeBiz.

JoeBiz: Who? Who? Where? I'm dying to know, Gwenny G!

Gwenny G: Well, I saw "Titanic" hunk Leonardo DiCaprio at a recent Laker game.

JoeBiz: Well, how did he look?

Gwenny G: Oh, he looked fine, what I could see of him, that is. But his friend --

JoeBiz: What? What about his friend?

Gwenny G: Let's just say that besides you, I never thought I would see another person with blue hair.

JoeBiz: Oh, blue hair is the "in" thing now, Gwenny G. I've told you that before. I'm blue in the face from telling you this!

Gwenny G: OK, now that is the worse pun you've had all year. Besides, we've got important guests waiting! So, why don't you go ahead and introduce them, JoeBiz?

JoeBiz: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage: Mary-Kate and

Gwenny G: Ashley

JoeBiz and Gwenny G: Olsen!

Gwenny G: I can't believe how grown up they are!

Mary Kate: Hi! Thanks for listening!

Ashley: Hi! :-)

Mary Kate: We are excited to be here!

BigShow480: Hi!

mkaolsenfan1: hy guys

LindseyWells21: hi

Bsb_girl_11: Hi

BigShow480: hi mary kate and shley olsen

NivekG20: Hello :)

lonah_twins: hi!

MKAOFanatic: MaRy-KaTe aNd AsHlEy OlSeN RuLe!

lisa200014: hi

tweety_bird7771987_12: hi

Yoavc: hi

asia_juney: hi

surferchic_13: hi

Julie_13_Brazil: Hi Mary-Kate! Hi Ashley! Have you ever been to Brazil?

Mary Kate: Nope. We'd like to, though. :-)

MkAshOlsen1fan: Theres 2 things i am obsessed with horses and the olsens!!

Ashley: Hehehehe ... that's SO sweet.

Yoavc: i am from israel and it is 1:30am and i connect just for you

Mary Kate: Thank you! :-)

Yoavc: so how was it to kiss in passport to paris

Ashley: Yes ... we were so embarrassed and nervous cause so many people were talking.

Moderator: WHO kissed WHO?

Ashley: I kissed Brocker Way and Mary Kate kissed Ethan Peck.

JoeBiz: Was that your first kiss?

Ashley: On screen, YES. :-)

laurabeams: do you have boyfriends?

Mary Kate: Yes, both of us do.

JoeBiz: How long?

Ashley: Two months.

Mary Kate: One month and a half. We met them at our school.

RJ_1979: Mary-Kate and Ashley you girls are twin sister has there ever been a moment in your girls life that you didnt get along like maby a fight and if so can you tell us maby what it was about if its not to personal

Ashley: We get in little fights and they are about clothes. Nothing big. :-) Well, if we let each other borrow or not ask, then THAT'S trouble.

cccc987: How is your older brother and younger sister? Did they get to come to the set of Switching Goals with you two?

Ashley: No, not this time, but they sometimes come and visit us. We went to Canada for it. Toronto.

MKAOFanatic: What is Switching Goals about?

Ashley: It's about two girls.

Mary Kate: Ashley plays a girly character. Our dad coaches a soccer team in the movie ...

Ashley: Mary Kate plays the sporty character and she wants to be on her dad's team, 'cause it's a VERY good team.

Mary Kate: Our mom makes Ashley be on the good team and I end up on the bad team.

Gwenny G: How does your family tell you two apart?

Ashley: They just know, 'cause they just know.

Mary Kate: Ashley has two freckles on the side of her check and she is taller.

CyberT400: Ashley; How long did you work on making Switching goals?

Ashley: It took four weeks. It went by very fast. It was really cold and we had to play soccer in our shorts. It was really cold!

Mary Kate: Half the time it was raining.

Gwenny G: Do you play soccer?

Mary Kate: Usually we did not want to have our jackets on, 'cause we wanted to play real soccer. We used to play it for school.

johan83: Happy Christmas and a happy New Year From all The Belguim and Netherlands fans

Mary Kate: Thank you!

Ashley: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Julie_13_Brazil: Do you girls prefer acting or singing?

Mary Kate: Acting.

Ashley: Acting.

Mary Kate: We don't have the best voice in the world. :-(

Castor_3: Hi Ashley and Mary-Kate! :-) Congratulations on your roles as executive producers in Switching Goals and Passport To Paris! What exactly does an executive producer do, and did you enjoy doing it?

Mary Kate: We did the casting and we got to say our opinions for our lines ...

Ashley: We got to decide who would be the director.

JoeBiz: How do you know what actors to pick?

Ashley: They had four people who they liked and then we went in and picked the person.

Gwenny G: What do you look for?

Ashley: We just chose who can handle it.

nikki4891: How was it working with John Stamos on Full House

Ashley: Everybody was SO nice to work with ...

Mary Kate: They were like our second family.

Gwenny G: Do you still keep in touch with the cast members?

Mary Kate: We were doing that since we were nine months old.

Ashley: We see them around and at people's weddings.

MKAOFanatic: I think JoeBiz and Gwenny G are both cool!

red_PEPPER_: I heard about a cartoon series of The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Can you tell us about that?

Mary Kate: It's a spin off of our adventure books and video.

Ashley: You can get the videos in the stores and online too.

MkAshOlsen1fan: Mary-Kate did you Bunjie Jump if so what was it like what was going through your mind how old were you?!?!

Mary Kate: No way, I haven't bungee-jumped yet. But there is something at Magic Mountain that is like it ... it's great.

Jenna1014: Are you guyz treated differently at school?

Ashley: We are just treated like normal kids. We go to a regular school. We started this school just this year.

Gwenny G: What are you favorite subjects?

Ashley: I like math. I got an A+ on my report card.

JoeBiz: What grade are you in?

Ashley: We are in the 8th grade. We are 13 ...

jackelsbrother: Where can I get the Cool Yule CD?

Mary Kate: It's out in stores and all the big department stores.

Dolphino99: do you have body guards?

Mary Kate: No, we only get body guards when we are in special appearances ... It's almost kinda annoying cause they are right there pushing your fans away. They don't let anyone near you. :-(

JoeBiz: Do you guys get mobbed at the MALL?

Mary Kate: Not mobbed, but sometimes people come up to us for an autograph or pictures.

Ashley: The placed where we get mobbed the most are theme parks.

Mary Kate: We love Disneyland!

JoeBiz: What's your favorite ride?

Gwenny G: Good choice!

Mary Kate: I like Space Mountain!

MKATwinzRule: Hi Ashley Hi Mary-Kate, which of your movies were the most fun to make?

Ashley: "Passport to Paris," 'cause we got to go to Paris

Mary Kate: :-)

Ashley: They have a big sign on the Eiffel Tower.

Claudia9991302: of all the movies you have done what movie did you like the best?

JoeBiz: "Passport to Paris" again ... sorry, OOPS!

Ashley: "Passport to Paris" and "Switching Goals" ... we got to play soccer and that is our favorite sport.

AFsoccergirl: how did you guys like practicing soccer with the womens world cup team?

Ashley: It was SO much fun!

Mary Kate: We got to meet them and hang out with them. It was before they won the World Cup.

Ashley: We got to go to the World Cup too.

Mary Kate: We have a little experience from playing soccer at school.


Ashley: Sometimes.

Mary Kate: Sometimes With Ashley sometimes it is about clothes.

blondieN13: What were you for halloween this year?

Mary Kate: Ashley was a cowgirl.

Ashley: Mary Kate was a cat woman.

stretchpants: Which is better: Disneyland or Disneyworld?

Ashley: I like Disney World better ... they have better rides.

mkao_rdabomb: Hi Mary-Kate and Ashley! You guys are the best! What do you like best about acting?

Ashley: Probably traveling and meeting people. We've been to Paris. South Africa and Italy is our next project.

wilmacki14: What do your friends think when they see you on tv for like interiews and stuff?

Mary Kate: They think it's fun. They like to just watch it.

Ashley: Its very embarrassing though.

Mark3204: How do they tell you apart at school? from Rosie in Kansas

Mary Kate: Mainly our personalities and you can see the differences in our faces. Also our hair. I had it kinda short for the summer, but now I want to grow it longer.


Mary Kate: Hi Brittneyy2K!!!

Ashley: Hi Brittneyy2K!!!

cmjldj: Did you ever do a movie with someone you didn't like?

Ashley: We've been really lucky 'cause everyone that we have worked with has been really nice.

Gwenny G: Who have you liked working with the most?

Mary Kate: Everyone that we have worked with have been really great to us.

Ashley: The "Full House" people were like our second family.

minou118: In passport to Paris, how many times did you practice the embarassing kiss??

Mary Kate: They must have done it 100 times until we got the right one. It was very embarrassing!

ItsMeEarnestB: Mary-Kate: You still a tomboy, or is that just talk?

Mary Kate: That's just talk. I'm really not anymore. I'm not really a tomboy, but that's how they base my character.

MonkeyTin: Could they please say hi to Monkey Tin? And a happy New Year's Eve, 'cuz that's my 16th birthday!!!!!



Jenna1014: My little sister really likes you guys and she is listening now could you please say hi to her? her name is Samantha

Mary Kate: Hi Samantha!

wilmacki14: joe biz can you have them say my name? my name is Leah

Ashley: Hey Samantha! Hi Leah!

guppy1000: What is the hardest part about making movies?

Ashley: Probably the long hours. It's usually nine and a half hours. School is included. We have teachers with us on the set.

Zeether_Chick1308: How do you get your hair so perfect?

Mary Kate: We have a hairstylist and it takes about an hour!

trixtr2000: Do you have plans for a new TV Series?

Mary Kate: Yes, in the future.

cccc987: What are you doing for the millennium? And for Christmas?

Mary Kate: Just family, our cousins and others always come over.

tyler00767: i think u should of been in the new parent trap..would u like to have been in it?

Ashley: I loved that movie. I thought that it was very funny.

Mary Kate: We did "It Takes Two" and that was very similar to it.

lindabluebird: I live in Utah and I really want to buy your new gameboy game coming out, do you have any idea when it will come?

Mary Kate: It's out already. You get to learn new dance steps.

Ashley: We got to dress up. We had to learn eight dances. It was a lot of fun.

Gwenny G: How long did it take to learn?

Ashley: Mambo, swing, Western, EVERYTHING!

Mary Kate: We had a choreographer.

lackey_66: do you and john stamos stay in touch

Ashley: Yeah.

Mary Kate: We try to keep in touch with everybody. The whole cast was like our second family.

olsenfanatic: Omigosh! I can't believe I'm really chatting with you! I have loved you since like forever! Who would you be excited to meet?

Mary Kate: Probably Brad Pitt ... Meg Ryan, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston ...


Ashley: We would LOVE to meet Sandra Bullock, but we haven't met her yet.

asia_juney: PLEASE JOEBIZ PUT MY QUESION UP!! FOR MKA TO SEE!! WE ARE BIG FANS OF THEM!!!! What are your Chrimas's like each year MKA?

Mary Kate: We have a HUGE family. We have a Christmas tree and we sing Christmas carols with everyone.

aultsie: Do you guys have a mom in " switching goals" because I've noticed that in almost every t.v. show or movie..you don't have a mom. Thanks!!! =0)

Mary Kate: Yes, we do have a mom in this one.

Ashley: She's a Canadian actress.

Angel_5225: In real life do you share a room?

Mary Kate: No we don't, we have separate rooms and bathrooms.

Julie_13_Brazil: Do you like Backstreet Boys?

Mary Kate: We like them but they are not one of our favorites. I like Dave Matthews, Jewel, Natalie Merchant ...

Ashley: We like Pearl Jam too!

Bsb_girl_11: bye mary kate and ashley olsen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mary Kate: Bye!

Ashley: Bye Bsb_girl_11

crystal11212: what happened with the boy in the mall that mary-kate liked

Mary Kate: ?

nikki4891: Do you tell each other everything

Mary Kate: Yeah.

Ashley: We're best friends.

MKATwinzRule: Do you like doing fashion shoots?

Mary Kate: We like doing them, but it depends on who it's for.

Ashley: Sometimes regular publicity shots are not very fun. But usually they are fun.

Mary Kate: An average shoot is 4-6 hours.

nikki4891: What is ashleys middle name

Mary Kate: Fuller. That's my mom's maiden name.

lonah_twins: do you like meeting your fans?

Mary Kate: Oh, we LOVE meeting our fans.

Ashley: :-)

Jenna375: I just wanted to say that mary-Kate, Ashley, Gweeny G, and Joe Rock!!!!!!!!!!!

barah_418: On your website it said that you are going to be on a Holland Cruie ship next June. Is that true?

Mary Kate: Yeah ...

Ashley: It's for both vacation and stuff ... we have a thing called Sail of the Stars, we have fans that come on and join us.

Mary Kate: We play games together and dance together. Sometimes people come knocking at our doors at night and call us! Hehehe.

danielle9200: Listening to your chat is SO cool!! I am wondering what your favorite snacks are. I am a huge fan and I am so looking forward to watching your new movie on Sunday night. I am SOOO excited!!

Mary Kate: Ashley likes popcorn.

Ashley: Mary Kate likes goldfish and gum and cheez its. :-)

Mary Kate: I like winterfresh gum.

kim_deroover: Did you like Two of a Kind better than Full house, or not?

Mary Kate: That's really hard to say, 'cause "Full House" was our whole life, but "Two of a Kind" was great 'cause we got to play two characters together on screen.

Julie_13_Brazil: Why did you stop working on Two of a Kind?

Ashley: Well we were really high in the kids section, but they wanted a higher adult audience, so we got cancelled, 'cause they wanted an older audience.

stretchpants: What's it like living in the attic?

Ashley: "Two of a Kind" and in a movie. It's all make-believe! We moved up into the attic and that was make-believe. We really didn't live in one :-)

SoccerandBugJuiceGurl: you two should do the double mint gum comercial

Ashley: Hahaha ... for our school play we did a take-off of it.


Mary Kate: Well, there is "Jingle Bells" with a swing beat to it ...

Ashley: And two new songs.

Mary Kate: We sing all together and with other people. It turned out really well.

Ashley: :-)

Tabi613: Do you have your ears pierced??

Mary Kate: Nope. We are going to get them done.

Ashley: We used to, but they got infected :-(


Mary Kate: We are just like regular kids.

Olsentwinfan: do u have any pets?

Ashley: Yes we have two horses, three dogs, and three mice.

Julie_13_Brazil: Sometimes, don' t you get boring being twins?

Mary Kate: No, 'cause you always have someone to talk to and hang out with.

Ashley: Nope.

olsenfan_13: have you ever got in a fight about a boy?

Mary Kate: No ... that hasn't happened yet, and hopefully it won't in the future.

Ashley: But I bet you that it will happen.

RachelS1407: Loved chatting gotta go bye! Please can you say bye to my sis Samantha


Mary Kate: Bye

Jenna1014: before you guys go I want to say BYEEEEEEEEEE from Jenna and Samantha in freezing Alaska!

Mary Kate: We were just in Alaska!

JoeBiz: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What would you be doing?

Mary Kate: Casting and director and, of course, acting.

Ashley: Yup ...

Mary Kate: Thank you for having us...

JoeBiz: Bye.. you guys were GREAT!!!

Mary Kate: I hope that you enjoy "Passport to Paris" ... "Switching Goals" comes out on Sunday on ABC.

Ashley: Bye!

Mary Kate: Bye!

Gwenny G: I can't believe how grown-up they are.

JoeBiz: You're making me feel old, Gwenny G!

Gwenny G: I don't think you'll ever get old enough to stop acting like a kid.

JoeBiz: Hee hee. Hey, at least you can say I make hosting this show fun!

Gwenny G: You definitely do that! So, JoeBiz, are you ready to sign off?

JoeBiz: Ready Gwenny!

Gwenny G: Until next week ...

JoeBiz and Gwenny G: Ciao for now!

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