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Teen stars Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen stopped by to chat about their new video, "Our Lips are Sealed," their new clothing line, plus more. See what they had to say below.

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Robert Ell: Hi, everybody. I'm Robert Ell. Welcome to America Online Live. We have two phenomenons with us today, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Mary-Kate: Thank you for having us.

Robert Ell: Welcome to AOL. We are very thankful to, who is hosting this chat. We have a lot of things to talk about. Before we get started, I want to let people know that on "7th Heaven" tonight, you guys will be guest starring.

Olsen Twins: Yes, 8:00.

Robert Ell: Eight oclock on The WB. Is it true that you might be helping to tempt David Gallagher into doing something he shouldn't be doing?

Olsen Twins: Maybe. But it all ends up being good at the end.

Robert Ell: Well, of course. It involves you guys. You'll have to stay tuned for that. Also, you guys have "Our Lips Are Sealed," a brand-new video coming out tomorrow. Shot in...

Olsen Twins: Australia. It was amazing.

Robert Ell: A wonderful place to go. So we have a lot of things to talk about. Thanks for sending questions. Why don't we start with our first AOL question. Cutiebabygirl4 says: Can you give us a synopsis of your current movie and what it's called?

Olsen Twins: "Our Lips Are Sealed"?

Robert Ell: Yes.

Olsen Twins: OK. "Our Lips Are Sealed" is about two girls who are in -- they witness a crime, so they get sent to the witness protection program. Basically they travel to a bunch of places and they keep getting moved to Australia, which they really like.

Robert Ell: Keep getting moved is an understatement. You guys move everywhere. Why do they keep moving you guys?

Olsen Twins: Because we keep blabbing. We keep on telling we are in the witness protection program. So Australia is the last place. You have to see what happens.

Robert Ell: It's hard to keep a good secret, isn't it? But you end up in Australia. It's a lot of fun. I have seen the video. I highly recommend everyone rent it. You guys are really cool in it.

Olsen Twins: Thank you.

Robert Ell: Let's take another question. This one is from AOL Kids. It's from Emily. She says: Did you like being on "7th Heaven"?

Olsen Twins: Yes. It was really nice to meet everyone.

Olsen Twins: Everyone on the set was really nice. It was a fun set.

Robert Ell: How welcoming were they to you guys? When you first showed up, did they give you the royal treatment, or were you just like another cast member?

Olsen Twins: Just like anyone else, I think.

Olsen Twins: Yeah. But in a nice way.

Robert Ell: Did you guys watch the show before going on?

Olsen Twins: We have seen the show before.

Olsen Twins: Yeah. It's been on for what, six, seven -- six years.

Robert Ell: The reason I ask is because your careers, you guys are so busy. I don't know how you have time to watch television, because you've got so much to do.

Olsen Twins: Yeah. We don't watch a lot of television, but we have seen the show before, so we knew what we were going to do on the show.

Robert Ell: Excellent. Let's take another question: Hi, I am Kate. Me and my friends are huge fans of yours. We were wondering if you two were thinking about doing another television show.

Olsen Twins: Yes, we are, actually, and I think we would be shooting it in February. February or March. It's in the process right now.

Robert Ell: That's excellent. Are you guys excited about going back to TV?

Olsen Twins: I am really excited.

Robert Ell: Is this the one that's possibly for Fox Family Channel?

Olsen Twins: Yes.

Robert Ell: Great, great. Will the issues be different now that you guys are getting older? Do you want to focus on more teen issues now that you yourselves are getting older?

Olsen Twins: Yeah, we still have to, you know, appeal to younger kids and older kids. We have to find something in the middle, happy medium.

Robert Ell: Excellent. Maybe you guys can end up directing one of those episodes soon.

Olsen Twins: That would be very fun.

Robert Ell: Let's take another question. IAmACutie12323. Hope I got your name right. Do you guys have AOL? I didn't plant this question.

Olsen Twins: Yes, we do.

Robert Ell: What are some of the things you guys like doing online?

Olsen Twins: Chatting with our friends. Like when we are away, it's so much easier to go on AOL. You can talk to everyone.

Robert Ell: That's excellent. If I am not mistaken, aren't you guys coming out with your own palm pilots soon?

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Olsen Twins: It's like a Game Boy.

Robert Ell: Like a Game Boy?

Olsen Twins: Like a Game Boy and organizer in one. You can send messages to each other.

Robert Ell: Excellent. So the computer is a cool place to be.

Olsen Twins: Exactly.

Robert Ell: You heard it from the Olsen twins. One person says: Do you go online undercover sometimes?

Olsen Twins: Not undercover. We have our own screen names and talk to people that have our address.

Robert Ell: Have you guys ever had to go undercover when you are out in the real world?

Olsen Twins: No.

Robert Ell: No?

Olsen Twins: Like when we go to theme parks or something -- put a hat on or something so we don't get recognized, but it's kind of hard to -- especially when we are together, it's hard to hide our faces.

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Robert Ell: Maybe then this next question, you can help me answer: Do you have to go to school? I am wondering, what is the experience like?

Olsen Twins: We go to school. We go to a regular school. It's like anybody else, that they were going. We are not treated any different. We are good friends with everyone at school. They don't care that we are actresses and that we are on TV. They are just our friends because -- because we are cool girls and we just hang out and everything. They're not friends with us because we are on TV.

Robert Ell: Now, I was reading on your Web site -- you guys just got back from England, isn't that right?

Olsen Twins: Yeah. We got back from London a week ago.

Robert Ell: That's amazing. When you guys were out...

Olsen Twins: Not a week ago. Three weeks ago. We were filming.

Robert Ell: I see. So you were in London a couple weeks ago. When you were there, did you feel the need to kind of like go sightsee or...

Olsen Twins: Not at all.

Robert Ell: That's good. At least you could enjoy it all. AOL Kids Joshua says: How can people tell you apart?

Mary-Kate: Ashley is taller, and I have longer hair. Our personalities are different.

Olsen Twins: When you get to know us, we are so different, very different.

Robert Ell: It's actually a topic of a lot of your videos and books and, you know, I think there is a lot of sibling rivalry for kids who aren't like twins. Have you guys -- how have you managed to find your own identities growing up? Has it been easy?

Olsen Twins: Just like anyone else, when they're growing up, they -- you know. It's easy. It's growing up. It's not something you plan or have to think about.

Robert Ell: I just saw a question from AOL Kids. They wanted to know if you guys ever got into a fight.

Olsen Twins: Yes. We have.

Olsen Twins: It's like anybody else.

Olsen Twins: But we don't fight a lot. If we do fight, it's about like clothes or shoes or something like that. Nothing big.

Robert Ell: Well, that's good. Let's take another question. Bertram2 says: Do you have any time away from each other, and do you feel you lose your individual identity?

Olsen Twins: Yeah. Not really. Sometimes maybe getting aggravated so you want to go off or something like that. But we don't really get annoyed with each other.

Olsen Twins: No, not that much at all. We are pretty close. Very close. We are very close.

Robert Ell: Let's take another AOL Kids question: Who is older?

Mary-Kate: Ashley. By two months.

Robert Ell: OK. AOL Kids Hannah says: Mary-Kate and Ashley, you two are awesome. What is it like to be the most famous twins in history?

Olsen Twins: We don't think of ourselves as like famous twins or anything.

Olsen Twins: Just regular people. We have been acting our whole lives, so it's not -- not a shock to us like being on camera, seeing ourselves in magazines. It's normal.

Olsen Twins: It's like normal for us, because we don't know...

Olsen Twins: ...any different.

Robert Ell: But it is amazing, because most kids don't even have time to read like a couple of books, and you guys have put out over 30. When you think about how many movies you put out, I don't know too many artists who have done everything like music and TV and film and all of that, so it's quite an accomplishment.

Olsen Twins: Thank you.

Robert Ell: You probably are the two most famous twins out there. How did you get yourselves discovered?

Olsen Twins: When we were nine months old, our mom took us for an audition for "Full House." They picked us, and everything went from there.

Robert Ell: That's amazing. Have you been able to keep in touch with those guys?

Olsen Twins: We try.

Olsen Twins: We e-mail each other and talk on the phone and see each other at get-togethers.

Robert Ell: They're going to be making cameos in your movie. Will there be bloopers at the end of your movie?

Olsen Twins: Yes, and they're very...

Olsen Twins: ...they're very funny. The one that we just did coming out in London.

Robert Ell: Can't you go to and see the outtakes?

Olsen Twins: Yes. You can also buy the video, "Our Lips Are Sealed."

Robert Ell: Excellent. In "When in London" -- I want to know what this is about. What is this one going to be about?

Olsen Twins: Well, it's about two girls in a high school program where kids compete against each other and different countries and solve world problems. And so we go in and we make it to the finals, and we go to London and we compete with a bunch of -- group of friends. And we have a lot of fun, travel [to] London, but it's different, because instead of acting and always being buddy buddy, we are -- we kind of have -- we always are doing like our own things. So we are not that close, and when we get in the end, we end up getting closer. It's fun. Good story.

Robert Ell: You guys have been to a lot of different places in the world, even like Montana, but Paris and England and where else? Hawaii?

Olsen Twins: Hawaii, Australia.

Olsen Twins: Russia.

Olsen Twins: Russia. I don't know. Like Rome.

Robert Ell: Is there a place that you guys still want to go to?

Olsen Twins: Africa.

Olsen Twins: Africa. I want to go to Rome again.

Robert Ell: Excellent. There is a sweepstakes on AOL as well. AOL Kids. And I think you can win a cruise with you guys on your next vacation. So that's pretty exciting. I encourage everybody to enter that contest. Cowboyshoe says: Do you have any interest in filmmaking other than acting?

Olsen Twins: Yes. I would like to direct when I am older. We would love to direct.

Robert Ell: Who has been like an inspiration for you guys? Have you worked with any directors in particular or...

Olsen Twins: I think everyone that we have learned -- everyone that we have acted with or who has directed us has really taught us something new, and we have worked with a lot of directors. It's been a great experience.

Robert Ell: What kind of a film do you want to direct? Like an action film or romance?

Olsen Twins: I don't know. I don't know.

Robert Ell: OK. Who is your hairstylist on "Two of a Kind"?

Olsen Twins: On "Two of a Kind," our hairstylist is Sindra, so we have a couple. We have Sindra and Matthew, and they do our hair for different occasions.

Robert Ell: I have a feeling that you guys probably love doing your hair, like getting ready and just getting glamorous.

Olsen Twins: It depends. Like sometimes -- most of the time, it's cool. You get to feel pretty and look pretty. Yeah, it is fun. But when you are on a movie set, you spend an hour and a half in hair and makeup every single morning, then it gets a little old. But then you go back and go to a premiere and dress up. That's fun.

Robert Ell: Since you guys said you were going to school, do you feel peer pressure to have a certain style hair?

Olsen Twins: No, not at all.

Robert Ell: You guys are probably setting the trends.

Olsen Twins: No. Not really.

Olsen Twins: Everyone in our school does what they want to do, no peer pressure.

Robert Ell: That's great. Let's see. We will take another AOL question. Are you dating yet? Everyone wants to know this question.

Olsen Twins: Well, I don't have a boyfriend right now.

Olsen Twins: Neither do I.

Olsen Twins: We hang out. We have a lot of guy friends.

Robert Ell: But in your videos, you guys usually end up having --

Olsen Twins: A love interest. Yeah.

Robert Ell: I guess -- have you heard from those guys? Are they happy they're cast in that role?

Olsen Twins: We usually keep in touch with some of them.

Robert Ell: OK. For everybody who is renting the videos, they're not real boyfriends. There is some hope for you.

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Robert Ell: OK. C746AndOnAndOn says: What do you guys look for most in guys?

Olsen Twins: Good personality. Nice.

Olsen Twins: Cute.

Olsen Twins: Cute. A guy who is a nice, good guy.

Robert Ell: Would they have to have approval from the other sister before they could date?

Olsen Twins: Yes.

Robert Ell: OK. Scooterville2000 says: Have you ever switched places in real life?

Olsen Twins: No. We have not.

Olsen Twins: I don't think we could get away with it now.

Robert Ell: You didn't in "Switching Goals," which is another one of your videos.

Olsen Twins: Because our hair is different. When you get to know us, our personalities are completely different.

Robert Ell: But you have thought about it?

Olsen Twins: Not really.

Olsen Twins: Everyone tells us, you guys should switch places. We have never done it.

Robert Ell: In a way, you guys are experiencing the same things anyway. Let's see. Gers002 says: Which one of you is more athletic or stronger?

Ashley: She's stronger. We are both pretty athletic.

Robert Ell: I was actually -- it seems like you played every sport possible in your videos as well. What was the first sport that you guys fell in love with?

Olsen Twins: Soccer.

Olsen Twins: Soccer.

Robert Ell: Was it soccer?

Olsen Twins: Yeah. We did it with our school, and we had so much fun competing. We are like the smallest ones on the team.

Robert Ell: Do you have like pictures or a video?

Olsen Twins: I think we have pictures.

Robert Ell: It's always so funny to look back. Now what are you guys doing?

Olsen Twins: Right now, I am not doing any sport, just because I have been working a lot, and it's hard to keep up if I am doing a sport with school. You have to make all the practices, and it's hard.

Robert Ell: You were just in England. There is a daily diary you guys were keeping at the Web site, and it talked about how difficult polo was.

Olsen Twins: I don't even know how to ride a horse. They're putting me on a horse and making me swing a stick, and it's hard.

Olsen Twins: The part I found hard was you are leaning over most of the time, like swinging this big stick, and you have to hit the ball that's this big on the ground. It's hard.

Olsen Twins: I can hardly play golf. Then I am on a horse.

Robert Ell: The things you guys do to entertain us on video. They better appreciate it. TwinKids2000 says: What was it like to act with the kangaroo?

Olsen Twins: The kangaroo was so cute.

Robert Ell: Really?

Olsen Twins: It was the cutest and sweetest thing. You tell it to go, and it went. It would do perfect in the scenes, one take. It was so cute. We went to LA and had to match the same kangaroo, and it was crazy. Like they were holding it down.

Olsen Twins: It may be in the bloopers.

Olsen Twins: Yeah. The kangaroo in LA.

Robert Ell: My gosh, how funny. That wasn't the first time you have worked with animals. You have the dog that you worked with.

Olsen Twins: Also we have worked with monkeys and chimpanzees and what else? An elephant once on "Full House."

Robert Ell: And so, in your opinion, like are animals difficult to work with? Because they always say that? Don't work with animals.

Olsen Twins: No, not that.

Olsen Twins: No.

Olsen Twins: If they're in a big part of the movie, I am sure it is, but we -- they have little parts.

Robert Ell: Boys are more difficult. StarFiveForever says: Were you guys ever shy, and do you ever feel nervous when doing a movie?

Olsen Twins: No, we don't get nervous when we do a movie, but we get pretty nervous when we go do live shows, talk shows.

Olsen Twins: In front of an audience. Not when you do a TV show. I don't know why.

Olsen Twins: Because you know you can do it again.

Robert Ell: You guys recorded a couple albums. You told me that you went to see Britney Spears.

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Robert Ell: Do you think that would make you nervous if you had to perform?

Olsen Twins: Oh, so nervous. There were so many people there. I don't know. It was crazy.

Robert Ell: AOL Kids Denise wanted to know: What is in your CD player, music-wise?

Olsen Twins: Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, Sarah McLachlan, Pearl Jam. I don't know. But those are some of the main ones.

Robert Ell:  I didn't hear any boy bounds in there.

Olsen Twins: We don't listen to pop music.

Robert Ell: J247H says: If you did, which guys are your favorite boy groups?

Olsen Twins: *NSYNC, probably. We met them. They were really sweet.

Robert Ell: What do you guys talk about? What are these introductions like backstage at the concert?

Olsen Twins: At the concert, and also a while back we did a TGIF opening for "Two of a Kind." They were singing. It was one of their first.

Robert Ell: That's incredible. One of their first performances was for your premiere?

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Robert Ell: Wow. You guys have anyone else performing soon we should know about?

Olsen Twins: Not yet.

Robert Ell: Keep us posted.

Olsen Twins: We will.

Robert Ell: OK. Swingz862 says: Would you ever consider doing a movie separately? That's interesting.

Olsen Twins: Not now. Maybe when we are older. Not now.

Robert Ell: Do you guys have your like own separate movie stars that you want to work with, and do you think that you will work with them soon?

Olsen Twins: It would be cool if we could work with Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore. Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan.

Robert Ell: I hope that that happens.

Olsen Twins: Thank you.

Robert Ell: The question is: Have you ever been inspired by someone? You have inspired me to do my best.

Olsen Twins: Thank you.

Olsen Twins: Thank you. Um, I don't know.

Robert Ell: Was there an inspirational woman, like maybe a friend or a teacher or your mom?

Olsen Twins: Our parents. We have grown up with a lot of people in our family, like people...

Olsen Twins: Our guardian, who is watching right now. Just a lot of people that have taught us growing up -- teachers, parents, guardians, yeah, pretty much everyone.

Robert Ell: The reaction must be pretty nice to hear. I think probably because your videos, like they're meant to be inspirational, right? Like to teach people like positive things?

Olsen Twins: Yeah.

Robert Ell: So what are some of the messages that you wanted to communicate to people?

Olsen Twins: Um, just be yourself. Don't be a follower. Just do your own thing. I don't know. Things like that. Don't be a follower, really, and do your own thing. It's cool to be you and not someone else.

Robert Ell: Excellent. Let's take another AOL Kids question. This is from Billy. He says: What are you going to do for the holidays?

Olsen Twins: Nothing. We are going to hang with our family and...

Olsen Twins: A lot of our cousins are coming in. We will have a big Thanksgiving at our house. For Christmas, we are going skiing.

Robert Ell: Excellent. Another sport?

Olsen Twins: Yeah. We love skiing.

Olsen Twins: Skiing and snowboarding.

Robert Ell: Will that be another video?

Olsen Twins: Maybe.

Olsen Twins: Could be.

Robert Ell: Yeah. I think I could see this. All right. Isn't there another video like Closet Wars or -- wait. What was the one -- you had so many videos. I think one of them was about clothes. We will look that one up at Blockbuster video. What do you two want for Christmas?

Olsen Twins: Oh, man.

Olsen Twins: I don't know. I want a new CD player.

Olsen Twins: I don't know what I want. Probably -- I don't know. I want a happy and good Christmas.

Olsen Twins: Me too. With the family.

Robert Ell: A lot of times at New Year's, people have resolutions. It's the year 2001. Do you guys have New Year's resolutions?

Olsen Twins: I haven't thought of one yet.

Olsen Twins: Me neither.

Robert Ell: Do you ever have them?

Olsen Twins: What was last year's? I don't remember. I think it was to work out once a week or something. That was gone after the first like month.

Robert Ell:  You don't recommend resolutions?

Olsen Twins: It's good if you can stick to them.

Robert Ell: Excellent. This person says: I am your number one fan. You must hear that 50 times a day, but it's true. I would love to talk to you. That would be my dream. If you would just say Hey, John, I would freak out.

Olsen Twins: Hi, John.

Olsen Twins: Hi, John.

Robert Ell: OK. This is the Make-A-Wish Foundation on AOL Live today. Send in your questions if you want to have them answered by Mary-Kate and Ashley. What should we expect in your new fashion line coming in January? Yet another incredible thing.

Olsen Twins: It's in Wal-Mart. Basically just really good clothes that we wear cut down. For us, it's really hard to find kids clothes, so we have kids clothes that are really cool and in style.

Robert Ell: What did you guys say, like I would love to have my own line, or did Wal-Mart come to you?

Olsen Twins: We have always wanted to do fashion, and I think we went to them. I don't know.

Olsen Twins: Something like that.

Robert Ell: It's something you've wanted to do.

Olsen Twins: If I wasn't acting, I would probably want to be a fashion designer.

Robert Ell: Have you guys been to a fashion show yet?

Olsen Twins: No. I would love to go to one.

Robert Ell: It could be another video. Kids Emily says: When will you girls be doing a new movie?

Olsen Twins: We just finished one.

Robert Ell: We mentioned "Winning London."

Olsen Twins: Two days ago. That will be out in March, I think.

Robert Ell: Excellent. I think that this is quite possibly the last question, believe it or not. Heavensent says: What is your favorite scene in "Our Lips Are Sealed"?

Olsen Twins: There is this whole scene -- or this whole thing where we go to a theme park. We got to go on roller coasters. It was so much fun.

Olsen Twins: Also when we went on the bridge, we climbed like one of the biggest bridges in the world. And you climb on top of it. Right here. Climbed up top, and it was so much fun, yeah.

Robert Ell: The now-infamous Olympic site.

Olsen Twins: It was a lot of fun.

Robert Ell: My favorite scene is when you get into that cool go-go outfit.

Olsen Twins: That was fun. That yacht was amazing.

Robert Ell: Actually, they're telling me we can take in one more question. SoccerChild: Do you have any advice for kids looking to break into showbiz?

Olsen Twins: If you really want to, do it. And it's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun.

Olsen Twins: Go for it. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.

Robert Ell: Excellent advice. Thank you both so much.

Olsen Twins: Thank you for having us. Nice meeting you.

Robert Ell: "7th Heaven" tonight on The WB, 8:00 to 9:00, and then you have to buy this, "Our Lips Are Sealed."

Olsen Twins: It's a good one.

Robert Ell: Appreciate it.

Olsen Twins: Thank you.

Robert Ell: Bye, everybody. Thanks for joining us.

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