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January 24, 2000


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TVGLive2: Welcome girls! Thanks for joining us this evening!
TVG Olsen: Thanks for having us.
TVG Olsen: Hi

Question: Hey Mary-Kate and Ashley! I just wanted to say that i'm like your
Question: BIGGEST fan! I was just wondering if you guys had fun doing "Passport
Question: to Paris" and what was it like going to Paris? I've always wanted to go
Question: there!

TVG Olsen: We loved making Passport to Paris. First of all we didn't have to do schoolwork.
TVG Olsen: And we didn't have to do school because it was the summer.

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Question: I have all your movies and i was wondering what one is your favorite????
Question: ? I likethem all

TVG Olsen: We like them all but Passport to Paris because we got to go to Paris.

Are you two going to be doing another series any time soon?

TVG Olsen: Not now but maybe next year.
TVG Olsen: It's somewhat in the works.

what are your educational plans?

TVG Olsen: Going to college when we're older.
TVG Olsen: We're just in junior high right now so we have a while to go.

Question: FROM LEXIE :)

TVG Olsen: Yes we do, we have three dogs and two horses.

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Question: would you like to be doing movies 15 years from now?

TVG Olsen: Yes. Definitely.
TVG Olsen: I hope so.

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TVG Olsen: Mary Kate: I like to go horseback riding, go bowling and go to the race track.
TVG Olsen: That's a lot of fun.

You guys did a lot of musical movies, do you think you're
Question: interested in doing Broadway plays?

TVG Olsen: Definitely not.
TVG Olsen: We're so scared of going on stage in front of a lot of people and we don't have the
TVG Olsen: greatest voices.

I couldn't be here tonight but I wanted to ask a question,
Question: What is your favorite part about acting? What is your favorite movie that
Question: you act in?

TVG Olsen: Probably traveling and meeting a lot of different people.

If you could do anything you've never done, what would you do?

TVG Olsen: Mary Kate: I'd like to go skydiving.
TVG Olsen: Ashley:Maybe bungee jumping but thats pushing it.

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Question: do you think you will ever be in movies with out each other??
Question: evelyn

TVG Olsen: In the future, but not any time soon.

Why did you decide to write a boigraphy?

TVG Olsen: Because we get a lot of questions from our fans and it kind of helped explained our whole
TVG Olsen: life story.

--- lost part due to AOLism

They did announce though that they are working on three new long form movies to be shot this summer

Question: When you wrote your biography, were there certain issues that you guys
Question: had different views on and had to compromise on?

TVG Olsen: Not really, because it's just basically the facts.

How long did it take to write the book?

TVG Olsen: Over about a six month period.

do u travel a lot??If u do,do u miss yer family(Or do u bring them
Question: with u??)

TVG Olsen: We travel a lot. It depends...sometimes our brothers and sisters will come.
TVG Olsen: Or our mom or dad will go.
TVG Olsen: Sometimes the kids have to stay home for school.
TVG Olsen: and yes we do miss them when we're gone.

Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?

TVG Olsen: Probably Meg Ryan, Sandra Bulloch, Brad Pitt, Gwenyth Paltrow.
TVG Olsen: And Drew Barrymore.

I have all of your "Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley movies....Are
Question: you going to be doing anymore of those?

TVG Olsen: No more videos of the Party or the Adventures.

Do you ever visit your fan's websites about yourselves?

TVG Olsen: Not really. We really don't go online that much. We basically just e-mail with our f
TVG Olsen: friends.

who was born first by how long?

TVG Olsen: Ashley by three minutes.

TVGLive2: Thanks girls! for chatting tonight! We had a great time and hope you come back soon!

TVG Olsen: Thank you for having us. Bye.
TVG Olsen:

TVGLive2: Their book, "Our Biography", is out in stores now.

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