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May 29, 2000
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>> Rosie: Our next guests have grown up right before our eyes. Take a look at their number one home video, "Switching Goals."

-- clip from Switching Goals being shown

>> He's just a guy.

>> Guy to you, god to me.

>> Is that him over there?

>> I'm out of here.

>> Oh, no, you don't. You're just going to go up to him and we'll introduce ourselves.

>> Stay right behind me. This will be easier than you think.

>> Hi. We just thought we'd introduce ourselves.

>> Well, I'm very -- I mean -- I mean, we're very happy to meet you.

>> Oh, that. When I said we, I met me. It's an old tradition a started today.

-- end of clip

>> Rosie: Please welcome back to the show, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

[ Applause ] how are you, guys?

>> Good. How are you?

>> Rosie: Good so see you. Good to see you grow up because I feel like I've known you since you were babies. When did you start "full house"?

>> - Months old.

>> Rosie: Did you hear what happened on John Stamos?

>> He wouldn't go on Tower of Terror.

>> Rosie: He was a chicken and was afraid of it. Did you know he was a chicken?

>> No.

>> No.

>> But we love that ride. We love it.

>> It's our favorite one.

>> Rosie: No kidding. Were you scared at all? After i went on it, i was scared.

>> When we went on, like the third or fourth time, it got stuck. So they had to --

>> bring us back down and we had to walk down the stairs.

>> So you go two or three times in a row?

>> Yes, we love it.

>> Rosie: That's got a high scare factor. How long have you been going to Disney, all your life?

>> Pretty much.

>> First time we went there, i don't know how old we were.

>> We're 14 and going to Hawaii for our birthday.

>>Happy Birthday, girls!!! What are you going to do, big plans?

>> We're going to Hawaii and inviting two friends.

>> Rosie: And a parent.

>> My mom and, yeah --

>> Rosie: Because you're still 14. Bring your mom and you're going to hang out. What do you like to do there?

>> Swimming.

>> Hopefully get to go on the SeaDoos.

>> Rosie: I love it there. Where are you going?

>> Maui.

>> Rosie: I went there for a private vacation alone. Sitting there getting sun. I hear like this familiar voice and I'm like, what? It was Joey Lawrence and his entire family in the room next to me. Can you believe that?

>> Are you serious?

>> Rosie: I love it there. I'll tell you at the break where to go. You came back from a big signing at F.A.O. Schwarz. You must love it.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: From way back when I used to baby-sit my niece and I remember --

"I Am the Cute One" You remember that one?

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: Mary-Kate and Ashley dolls. Available wherever they're sold. Would you have a lot of involvement in the process?

>> We got to choose what we looked like and what we wore

>> Also, we are designing clothes now. Our new line.

>> At Wal-Mart.

>>You mean real clothes for kids or adults?

>> For kids and you get to design these ones, too.

>> Rosie: Same head?

>> No, it's not. Different picture from different angles.

>> You did that, too, didn't you?

>> Rosie: Did you see mine, my Barbie?

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: Here it is. Looks just like me. It even has a double chin. Did you notice? It does. I asked them to put it in. It's a time-consuming process.

>> They had to change my nose.

>> Rosie: They had to?

>> It was too big.

>> Rosie: Your nose is very cute. You guys are identical, aren't you?

>> Fraternal.

>> Rosie: You look a lot alike. Did you used to trick people when you were little?

>> No, we never did that.

>> Rosie: Isn't it true one of you has a freckle that the other one didn't have?

>> Went away. It was right here.

>> Rosie: It's totally gone?

> Uh-huh.

>> Rosie: You don't know how it happened?

>> I don't know.

>> Rosie: Next week on "Inside Edition" the vanishing freckle of -- are you still like into Tom Cruise?

>> Rosie: Last time you were here, you said you were over him and into Brad Pitt. Then you were over him and into Ben Affleck. What happened?

>> It's everyone.

>> Rosie: I'm sure that makes your mom real happy. It's Tommy that really -- you saw "Mission: Impossible 2"?

>>We are going to.

>> Rosie: I guess you're not a big fan. It's been open for a good four or five days. I saw it three times.

>> Are you serious?

>> Rosie: I love it. He's nice. Who do you like musicwise. NSync?

>> Yes and Macy Gray.

>> Rosie: You love Macy Gray?

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: Young girls with musical taste. Do you like the boy bands? Are they still popular?

>> We don't love them so much but we met 'NSync and they're really nice.

>> Rosie: Which one is your favorite?

>>They're all nice.

>> Rosie: I like Joey. He looks like every guy I went to high school with. And the video --

ba, ba, ba, ba

>> Rosie: Do you know all the moves?

>> No, but my friends do.

>> Rosie: Do you go to school now?

>> All the time

>> Rosie: Even when you were in "full house"?

>> Yes. We would bring our schoolbooks on the set and do our schoolwork.

>> Rosie: How do you do at school?

>> Real well.

>> Rosie: Like how well?

>> A's.

>> B's.

>> Rosie: What's you're your hardest subject?

>> French.

>> Rosie: I got news for you , you'll never use it in real life. It's not like you'll be stuck in an airport. I don't know any French either.

>>Its hard.

>> Rosie: I took it. Miss 'ab bat tang low' was my teacher.

>> Miss Piccolo.

>> Rosie: Do you make flute jokes? That's what I did with my teacher, I did --

"abba, dab da" I wonder why a got a D minus.  Did you ever get a D minus?

>> No.

>> Rosie: Are you going to college?


>> Rosie: Where?

>> No clue.

>> No clue.

>> Rosie: Do you know what you want to study?

>> No.

>> Rosie: You're only 14. You don't have to know. It's great to see you. I find you delightful. I'm so happy to know, you brought enough dolls for the entire audience.

[ Cheers ] Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Here are the dolls. Go buy one, would you? Delightful to see you. Have a great, great birthday.

[ Cheers and applause ]


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